The Camino de Santiago is the traditional pilgrimage route from France across northwestern Spain to Santiago de Compostela, the legendary burial site of the apostle St. James. One of the great medieval pilgrimages and the greatest surviving itinerary for medieval monuments and landscapes, it has enjoyed a remarkable revival in recent years, attracting European Union sponsorship, the attention of media stars, and hundreds of thousands of walkers and pilgrims.

Every spring since 2007, a group of juniors and seniors from Fordham University has walked the last 200 miles of the Camino from LĂ©on to Santiago as part of an Interdisciplinary Capstone Class. This website chronicles these students’ journeys, and showcases the many different final projects the classes have produced. It also provides additional information and FAQs for prospective Study Tour students and anyone interested in the Camino.   

Past Caminos: each Camino has produced its own blog and/or projects