Spirituality Checklist

Note: you do not have to go in order!

  1. Take a silent walk with a partner.
  2. Take a silent walk with a different partner.
  3. Find a beautiful spot and draw it in your journal.
  4. Find a beautiful spot and journal about it.
  5. Find a beautiful spot and meditate there.
  6. Walk with a stranger today.
  7. Share a meal with a stranger.
  8. Talk with the Hospitaleros.
  9. Spend time in reflection at a Holy Site.
  10. Go an entire day phone-less (exceptions = directions or translations)
  11. Find a church at the end of your day’s walk and pray the Ignatian Examen
    1.  Ask to feel God’s presence, grace, and light
    2. Pray in Thanksgiving
    3. Reflect on how your day went
    4. Face your failures
    5. Look toward the rest of the day and tomorrow
  12. Find a soundtrack for the day and walk to it (this can be a favorite album of yours, a playlist, or something recommended by a friend).
  13. Talk to a pilgrim who is biking or driving. Compare your Camino experiences.
  14. Start your morning with the Sun Salutation Yoga Routine:
  15. Go to a café or restaurant and ask the waiter to give you their favorite meal.
  16. Call or video-chat a family member or friend you haven’t talked to yet during the Camino.
  17. Try something new. Literally anything. Activity, food, whatever. Just go out of your comfort zone.