May 27: Rabanal del Camino

Andrea Gibson, Lens (A poem from Pansy)

I’ve been practicing gratitude.

I’ve been skipping entire weeks.

Practicing a wider lens. Listening

For the bully’s heartbeat

Hearing it in my own chest.

I’ve been remembering the time I cried

In a cloud of tear gas at a peaceful protest.

How I decided I was too soft to last,

And then I decided to be softer.

I’ve been remembering way way back

To the moment they told me Jesus walked on water.

How I knew whatever I’d grow up to believe

I would never try to wrestle a miracle

Away from anyone’s reason to live.

I’ve been remembering how I wrestled a miracle

Away from your reason to live.

If only shame could wash me clean

But that is never how healing works.

Nobody ever won anything from anyone

Thinking the whole world was out of their league.

I’m sorry you know

What I look like when no one is looking.

I don’t expect anyone to believe

In justice and forgiveness at the same time.

If it’s any consolation

I feel like a ferris wheel in a snowbank

Twenty years after they shut down the park.

If it’s any consolation I’ve been living in my head

Whenever anyone tells me I have a good heart.

And I think about you. I think about you.